The Eco-Chic Tee Made From Trash

Iris and Carolina

Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo are the former creative leads who helped shaped American Apparel and visually define the aesthetic of their generation, or as Girls’s Hannah Horvath would say, an aesthetic of a generation. Together they’ve left a legacy of high-waisted jeans, plunging v-necks, leggings as pants and unitards — paving the way for the subsequent trends like athleisure […]

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Get the Look: Navy & Coral

Here’s a little spring outfit inspiration for your Monday. I just love the blue floral print on this silk Marc Jacobs camisole — it just screams spring! Here I styled it with navy blue J Crew Shorts (loving the side panel detail) and UGG  lace up wedge sandals (you can still run errands in them). […]

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What’s your waste size?

You may have noticed that the fashion industry has been speeding up. I might be showing my age here, but I remember a time when the fashion industry worked around a two-season calendar. My mom would take me shopping in the fall for new school clothes that would last through winter, and again in the spring or […]

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